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China`Antu 2nd Changbai Mountain Mineral Water Culture and Tourism Festival Kick Off

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China`Antu 2nd Changbai Mountain Mineral Water Culture and Tourism Festival themed ‘Sanctity Antu--Jewel of the Changbai Mountain’ is held today till tomorrow in Antu County, Jilin Province at the coming of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

China`Antu 2nd Changbai Mountain Mineral Water Culture and Tourism Festival by Jiang Naihan

On the opening ceremony, the “Honorable Citizen” award was granted to those who had made great contributions to Antu County in areas of economic and social development, foreign exchange and cooperation, etc. It is followed by the magnificent artistic performance ‘Jewel of the Changbai Mountain’, made up of ‘Sanctity Moon’ ‘Colorful Antu County’ ‘Joining Hands for New Splendor ’ etc., showcasing the happy and joyful life of the local people and a profound cultural heritage of Antu.

Ma Yunji, Mayor of Antu County, Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province is making a speech by Jiang Naihan

the “Honorable Citizen” award was granted by Jiang Naihan

According to the government, the number of events totals 28, covering areas of art, economy and trade, and tourism etc. A Culture and Tourism Promotion, or Project Signing Ceremony will be held. Meanwhile, events like the 1st Koreans Folk Culture Festival, Night of Antu Dream, grand art and culture show by common people, exhibitions of mineral water products, tourism products, local specialties, and poverty alleviation achievements are to be held. Apart form those mentioned above, people can also enjoy feasts on the Feast Festival, join an experience tour to the Antu Hongfeng Mineral Water Town or attend the 3rd High-end Mineral Water Forum. Among all the celebrations, the 3000 grass-root stars dance, fireworks and the 110-meter long windmill road are highlights. By the way, dances with strong Korean characteristics, including various traditional folk dances are really eye catching. You can also enjoy the large-scale original singing and dancing drama ‘Changbai Mountain Arirang’ , combining both traditional and modern elements.

Artistic Shows by Jiang Naihan

Artistic Shows by Jiang Naihan

Developing Water-related industry well and Antu can prosper. Antu with a history, whole ecology and profound culture has the potential to develop well depending on the mineral waters. Sticking to 'ecology is the base of the county’ and combining ecology protection with industry development in recent years, it walks firmly toward the goal of forging ‘5 districts’ by ‘playing 5 cards’ and ‘working on 5 areas’. After 20 years of hard work, the ‘Changbaishan Natural Mineral Water Industry Park’ containing famous brands like Uni-president, Evergrande, Nongshim, Buchang Pharma, Yakefood, ect. is built into an industry chain. Moreover, the Hongfeng Mineral Water Town has been listed into the State Special Town List, growing into a representation of Changbai Mountain Tourism Economic Circle. As is in the core area of Changbai Mountain, Antu has the most important and high-quality water resources for human survival and development. At present, 106 mineral springs (groups) have been discovered in the territory, with a daily surge of 568,000 tons and an annual surge of more than 200 million tons. Among them, 96 are metasilicate-type mineral waters, 10 are carbonate-type mineral waters, and 4 indicators exceed national standards. They are rare and high-quality mineral waters in the world. It has been tested and certified by the Fresnins Institute of the World Water Authority, and some indicators are even better than some internationally renowned brands of mineral water.

Following the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era advocated by President Xi Jinping, Yanbian Autonomous Region, where Antu lies in, has gone through great changes executing regional autonomy pushed by the Northeast Area Revitalization Plan, Western Development Program and the ‘Changchun City, Jilin City, and Tumen River Area Development and Opening Up Forunner’Plan. After years of construction and accumulation, Yanbian Prefecture has accelerated the transformation of advantageous resources and attracted numerous famous brands to settle in. More and more green industries emerge as economic driving forces, forming a tourism chain adding to the revival of Yanbian Autonomous Region. ‘Beautiful China` Korean Yanbian’is set up as a tourism brand.Being a tourist county, Antu is named by Jilin Province People’s Government and China Mining Association as the ‘Base of Changbai Mountain Large-scale Natural Mineral Water’ and ‘Home of Chinese Mineral Water’. The aim of the festival is to strengthen foreign exchange, broaden development space, create more publicity, elevate the mineral water industry to a new level and to bring people together to develop Antu economy and to win the war against poverty.

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